The 10 Little Red Rescue Hens

They've arrived! On the 20th of March, I drove up to the Northside of Brisbane to pick up the little battery girls. They are in infinitely better condition than most of their fellow inamtes and have adapted to their new life in record time. After the 1 hour drive to their home among the treetops, they were removed from their respective boxes - 10 chickens, 3 eggs total. These little girls couldn't stop laying if they tried - years of intensive breeding programs coupled with super high protein feed, climate controlled sheds and artificial lighting programs guarantee thousands upon thousands of financially cheap eggs.

The first glimpse of their surroundings must have been mind boggling. They had never seen dirt, grass, trees, the sky, sunshine, other animals or open spaces. A few were struggling to take their first steps, and quickly tired with the exertion - but continued laying eggs. After a few days their strength and personalities were shining through.

11 days on and we have some crazy girls! Sunbathing and scratching were the first instincts to be ignited, and they are mighty proficient at both now. The nomadic bush turkeys that wander through the yard are now escorted out with much cackling, speed and excitement. By around 6am each morning they are lined up at the gate, complaining loudly and donning their most pathetic facial expressions because they haven't been let out to free range in the yard.

If you are able to re-home some of these little sweeties, (and it is sooo worth it, even for your own sense of goodwill) please visit the Battery Hen Adoption Program website. If you aren't able to keep some chooks of your own, you can still help their cause by choosing free range eggs and meat. Supporting our free range farmers is essential in keeping hens out of tiny cages. And guess what? Eggs are on the list of things I don't have to buy!

Returning after an extended hiatus!

Hi everyone (those of you who are still with me!), firstly I'd like to apologise for being so damned slack in the last year (I'd like to pretend it hasn't been that long) and not posting a single thing. Secondly, after having a personal break to get some perspective back in life, I'm ready to get back into this thing and get crackin'!

News from the last year: the wannabe hippy has moved on up (literally) in this world is now living amongst the mists and rainforests of Mt Tamborine in the Gold Coast Hinterland. "The green behind the gold" is blessed with rich volcanic soil, high rainfall levels, earthworms the size of snakes and an extended growing season due to the mild climate.

The community is very tight knit with a strong focus on relocalisation and conservation of the surrounding environment. Mt Tamborine has just become an official Transition Town and you can read more about that on their very own website here.

The vege gardens are still in the process of being built, although I am lucky enough to have a herb garden (more of a jungle), a "Thai/Indian" garden with ginger, turmeric, curry tree and a few asparagus and comfrey plants thrown in for good measure.

The much anticipated 'rescue hens' will be arriving on the 20th of this month. The poor little battery girls are whisked away from death row by a lovely group of people, to be rehomed to live out the rest of their days in luxury. I can't wait to meet them and start a mini photo blog of their progress.

That's about all for now, I hope everyone has had a safe and happy year and I look forward to reconnecting with you all again.